Past Beers

Our seasonal brews ~ most are tried and true returning every year, some are brand new experiments in taste sensations… Peruse the list, reminisce your favorites and let us know which ones you’d like to see back!

Amarillo Pale Ale 5.5% The idea behind this Pale Ale is excellence through simplicity. Imported, English Maris Otter and Crystal malts combine simply and wonderfully with the freshest Amarillo hops for an easy drinking, well-balanced brew.

Aspen Altbier 5.0% Alt is a celebrated style traditionally brewed in Dusseldorf, Germany. This ale has an amber to brownish hue with a nice balance beween Noble German hops and its toasted malt backbone.

B Dub’s Double IPA 10.1% Hop heads anxiously await the release of this Double IPA, the brainchild of our prior brewmaster, BW. He made a special return to Reno to brew his namesake beer. Ridiculous amounts of Amarillo hops are the secret to this 10.1 ABV hop bomb.

Baltic Porter 7.3% Not a traditional London Porter. We use generous amounts of dark Munich and Vienna malts to give this beer its robust flavor and dark hue. This lager receives its subtle cherry flavors from the lager yeast the compliments the crisp, chocolatey finish.

Battle Born Beer™ Brewed for the Northern Nevada Lager Lovers out there! This beer’s light character and mild American hops make it a favorite among Nevadans that love their cold beer and their great state!

Beltower Belgian The complexity of this Trappist style ale comes from a broad array of malts, Belgian candy sugar, noble hops and a unique Abbey ale yeast. A wonderful, full flavored and full bodied beer for winter.

Big Daddy Hooch 10.5% Doppelbocks are the “port wines” of beer - smooth, rich and complex. Named after the brewmaster’s grandfather, this lager has a balanced malty sweetness with a warm toasty finish. Served only in 10 oz glasses the “HOOCH” is quickly becoming stuff of legend around here.

Bighorn Brown Ale 5.0% Dark in color but light in body. A perfect complement to grilled meats, cheeses, and other full flavored dishes.

Black Lager Brewed in the style of a German Dunkel, this beer is dark in color, but has a deceptively light body and a hint of roasted flavor in the finish.

Black Rock Blackberry 4.0% The Belgians. known for wonderfully complex and interesting beers, have been adding fruit to their brews for centuries. This is not an effort to make a lambic style beer, just a refreshing and flavorful ale with a crisp, tart finish.

Black Rockbier 5.4% This is a Rauchbier inspired lager, rauchbier meaning “smoke beer” in German. Our version is a rich and complex black beer with a moderate yet distinct beachwood smoked character.

le Blond de Bruxelles The rich history of Belgian brewing remains one that is centered on its artistic base. With this Belgian Blond we pay tribute to one of its stewards, Jean Pierre van Roy, a gentleman and a true artist, Thanks for the inspiration.

Bourbon Barrel Sinister Stout 11% This rich Stout combines real Belgian chocolate, locally roasted espresso beans and bourbon barrel aging to create an amazingly complex brew. Obvious notes of bourbon spiciness are balanced with more subtle notes of oak, vanilla and dark roast as the beer finishes with a pronounced coffee character. Served in a 12 oz snifter glass.

Citra Pale Ale A brew in our Pale Ale Series, this ale is brewed and dry hopped exclusively with Citra hops, a new variety gaining huge popularity among craft brewers. Notably citrusy, but also with complex fruit notes of guava and strawberry, this Pale is delicate and well balanced.

Cream Ale Wheat and crystal malts give this deep golden ale its slight sweetness. The nitrogen dispense adds a silkiness that makes for quite a treat.

Dark Love Chocolate Stout 7.2% We used the highest quality Belgian chocolate to create this robust Stout. This ale has a nice chocolate aroma and a slightly bitter-sweet finish. The ABV is a little higher than most stouts because this beer has also been aged in French Cabernet barrels – the higher alcohol content helps beer to hold up in the sometimes hostile environment of an oak barrel.

Dunkelweizen, or “dark wheat”, beers are complex in their combination of chocolate and roasted malts with the traditional banana, clove and vanilla flavors that characterize hefeweizen beers.

Extra Special Bitter beers are actually quite mild and not too bitter. Try this Nevada style E.S.B. – amber colored and medium bodied, with a mild hop finish.

Emigrant Export Lager
Export lagers, like India Pale Ales, were brewed at higher strengths so they would survive the journey to far away destinations. The Emigrant Export is copper colored and has a meduim body with only a small dose of noble German hops.

Five Grain Harvest Lager
This complex lager has the sweetness of corn, the spiciness of rye and the smoothness of oatmeal along with the more familiar notes of wheat and barley.

Forgotton Barrel Wheatwine
Our Framboozin’ Wheatwine was refermented in a Kentucky bourbon barrel with three strains of yeast, Pinot Noir grapes and black cherries. Take time to note the warm and spicy alcoholic notes, the complexities of the fruit and sharp tartness of this hand crafted ale.

Framboozin’ Wheatwine
This complex beer is a nontraditional blend of classic styles. A huge beer at over 11% ABV, this wheat beer is brewed with Belgian spices and candied sugar, then fermented with German Hefeweizen yeast. Finally, an addition of almost a pound of berries to every gallon of beer makes this ale a truly unique experience! Served in a Belgian Tulip glass.

Galena Forest Bock
This lager is a unique twist on the classic Maibock beer style of Germany, traditionally released in May. This pale, strong lager was infused with local juniper berries to give it a subtle but distinctive piney character balanced with a malty sweetness.

Golding Pale Ale
The third of our Pale Ale Series, this traditional pale ale is hopped exclusively with American Golding hops, which are a bit more aggresseive than the English or Kent Golding. The character of this brew has a very earthy and rounded hopping.

Honey Ale
Made with dark wildflower honey and fresh noble hops, this ale welcomes youwith a delicate aroma and finishes with a touch of sweeetness.

Imperial Chocolate Stout
We first brewed a big and bold Stout to nearly 10% abv. We then added huge amounts of Ecuadorian Cocoa to give an obvious bitter chocolate and citrus note. The result is a complex ale, perfect for the winter season. Served in a 12 oz snifter.

Indian Summer Ale
A mellow, gold-colored lager with a very light hint of caramel sweetness balanced by a dose of German noble hops. A beer made to extend your summer enjoyment!

Jubilee Celebration Bock
Also known as the “Baby Bock” it was first brewed to celebrate the birth of Natalie, the brewmaster’s daugher. This dark and malty lager, with a toasty warm finish, has a Dortmunder style. Enjoy one in celebration of life!

Juicy Peach Ale
Few fruits say summertime like a ripe, juicy peach. Fermented with a peach puree, this light and refeshing ale beckons the warm days of summer…

King’s Ransom
This brew is truly exceptional and unlike any beer before it – or after. Initially inspired several years ago after an ancient recipe for a drink for King Midas was unearthed, this year’s interpretation includes the addition of Golden California raisins and freshly pressed plums and apples. With the subtle earthy and floral notes from spring wildflower honey and a noticeable kick, this brew lives up to its name!

La Fleur
The French name meaning “the flower” celebrates both the heritage and unique style of this refeshing Witbier. Brewed with whole chamomile flowers, Spanish orange peel and coriander seed, its one of our brightest ales.

Lemongrass Wheat
This is a creative summer brew in a not-so-traditional American wheat ale. Fresh lemongrass and Kaffir lime leaves give this wheat its distinctive citrus aroma and finish.

Malt Rose Marzen
A German tradition, this beer is released in March to signal the end of brewing season in Bavaria. The style is similar to Oktoberfest and is characterized by a balance of caramel maltiness, noble hop bite and crisp lager notes.

McHiney’s Wee Heavy Scotch Ale
One of our most popular seasonal brews, this recipe was created by our beloved former brewmaster, Andy Hines. Tilt one of thse rich, malty brews in celebration of friends near and far, here and gone…

Midtown Brown Ale
An easy drinking brown ale that finishes surprisingly dry for its dark color.

Midtown Brown Ale
An easy drinking brown ale that finishes surprisingly dry for its dark color.

New Oak IPA
There’s an art in giving old things new life. With this beer, we took an aromatic and fairly light IPA and aged in on oak we had scraped new from retired Bourbon barrels.

O’Harmon’s Folly
A Belgian style farmhouse ale brewed by one of our best and most dedicated bartenders for her wedding, Bridget O’Mara Harmon strapped on the big rubber boots and created this Saison inspired brew fermented with dried cranberries and golden raisins. Served in a Belgian tulip glass.

Oktoberfest Lager
Large amounts of Munich malt give a toasty profile to this popular European lager. Toast your neighbor with a hearty “Prosit!” as you enjoy this traditional fall brew.

Old Smokey Oakey
A smoked porter brewed with peat smoked English malt and aged for two months in American Oak bourbon barrels.

Oud Bruin
Translated “Old Brown”, this is a clasic Belgian ale in the signature Flanders style. Deep amber hued with a complexity balancing toasted malt and bitter chocolate notes with a tart, dark fruit finish. Served in a belgina Tulip glass.

Payday Pale Ale
Cheers, to the fruits of labor! This spritely brew welcomes you with a flowery bouquet, a mild bouquet, a mild body and a subtle hop finish.

Prodigal Ale
A dark black ale in the Porter style, though slightly less malty and with a crisp, roasted finish. Welcome home, wayward one.

Prohibition Pale Ale
Released on the anniversary of President FDR’s legislation to legalize beer, this brew celebrates his wisdom and the 23rd Amendment. Cheers to Mr. Roosevelt!

Red Rauch Ale 6.0% The German word meaning “smoked” denotes the campfire character of this beer. Balanced with caramel malts and a pronounced hop character, this ale is a detour from the traditional.

Rye Knot Pale Ale On a whim of inspiration, we created this easy drinking brew with some of our favorite American hops for a bright citrus aroma and a subtle dash of rye to add a little spice!

Schmidty’s Oatmeal Stout
Roasted unmalted barley and flaked oatmeal are the key ingredients in this smooth-as-silk stout. We dispense this ale through a sparkler faucet to give it a dense, creamy head for that silky feeling in your mouth.

Schnell Pilsner
Budweiser, Coors and Miller are all Pilsner beers, but they have changed considerably over the last fifty years. Our Pilsner is brewed to be a bit hoppier and more flavorful, as Pilsners woudl have been a few generations back.

This beer has light caramel and roasted notes but is pleasantly light bodied. The hops are mild with a hint of citrus. This is a “bier” to greet the fall and bid farewell to summer.

Smoked Chile Lager
We smoked jalapeno and manzano peppers over orangewood and infused them into a mild Amber Lager resulting in a complex brew with a hint of smoke and heat.

Sour Cherry Brown Ale
A traditional brewing method and tart cherries give this ale its sour taste. Also brewed with Turbinado sugar and Belgian Pilsen malt, this brew is as complex as it is delicious.

South Town Holiday Spiced Ale
The brewers created this ale with our friends in hopes that you will share it with yours. We used hints of spruce, cinnamon and clove to give this brown ale a warming note for winter.

Steamboat Common
Brewed in the style of San Francisco’s famous beer, this Amber Lager is fermented at ale temperature for added complexity. The refreshing finish comes from mild hopping and a hint of maltiness.

Summertime Kolsch 4.0% Kolsch is an easy drinking, light ale that is sure to quench your thirst as the days grow warmer. Lounge out on the deck, stretch your legs and get comfortable… this is a session beer.

Sunset Raspberry
We use more than 120 pounds of fresh raspberries to brew this summer ale. Crisp and refreshing with an amazing raspberry aroma.

Sweet Mama Pumpkin Ale
This is a fun twist on a traditional Harvest Ale. We used nearly 100 lbs. of “Sweet Mama” pumpkins, brown sugar and a special blend of spices to create a mildly sweet brew for autumn.

The C.P.A.
Its better than an audit! We used chamomile flowers and Spanish orange peel for a unique twist on a pale ale.

Vienna Lager
A European style Amber Lager; smooth, slightly malty and finished with noble hops for an easy drink.

Vintner’s Chocolate Stout
This barrel aged beer, using French Oak Cabernet Sauvignon barrels from our friends at Clos Pegase winery in Napa Valley, combines a rich chocolate stout with subtle notes of oak and wine character. Truly for the connoisseur of unique one of a kind beers, it is served in a 10 oz. glass and meant for a slow, reflective drinking experience.

Vunderstrasse Lager
A richly flavored European style Lager that has a deep golden color, a hint of maltiness, and the crisp hoppy finish found in Bavarian and Czech Pilsners.

This rich, deep Amber has a wonderful balance of caramel, clove and banana aromas, combined with the snappy crispness characteristic of German style Hefeweizens.