Beer Profiles

This page is intended to be a guide to our most popular beers. In it you will find alcohol content information and a brief description of the history and flavor particular to each brew. If you have questions regarding any of our beers, please don’t hesitate to pay us a visit. Our knowledgeable bartenders will be happy to pour you the answers.

House Brews

Name ABV Taste
Red Roadster 7.2% The deep red color gives you a hint of this ale’s full flavor. Its rich maltiness comes from Crystal and Pale malts, while Golding and Cascade hops give it a subtle bitter finish.
XXX Blonde 5.0% Our lightest beer in both color and body. Named after our westernly neighbor, this golden ale is the perfect microbrew for macrobrew enthusiasts.
Silver Peak IPA 6.5% India Pale Ales are among the hoppiest styles of beer, and this one won’t disappoint. We use generous amounts of Cascade and Mt. Hood hops, with a final dry hopping in the serving vessel to give this beer its signature bitterness.
Peavine Porter 6.0% The brewmaster’s favorite. This rich and complex black beer has a smooth, deep, roasted flavor. The chocolatey-coffee finish in this brew comes from a mix of crystal, black and chocolate malts.
Bailey Wheat Hefeweizen 5.5% Made in the tradition of German style wheat beers, which are famous for their distinct clove, vanilla and banana aromas and flavors. Our Bavarian yeast strain contributes these signature characteristics to a beer that is light, tangy and refreshing. Enjoy it with a slice of lemon as is customary in southern Germany.
Sierra Amber Ale 5.8% A medium-bodied, copper-colored ale with a touch of malty sweetness balanced by mild Yakima hops.

Seasonal Brews

Name ABV Taste

Le Saison


Having fun with a mildly funky farmhouse ale yeast! This ale is made with plenty of wheat malt, a bit of rolled oats, some sweet orange peel, and noble Saaz hops. Light and refreshing with hints of citrus and banana.

American Pilsner 5.2% Sometimes its best to keep it simple.....German Pilsen, Munich malts and noble Hallertau and Perle hops afre the backbone of this clasic American Pils. It now rivals the Blond XXX as the lightest beer on the menu, although its slightly malty with a subtle hoppy snap on the finish.
Five Grain Lager 5.8 This complex lager combines the sweetness of corn, the spiciness of rye and the smoothness of oatmeal along with the more familiar notes of wheat and barley.
Lupi Double IPA 7.9 A charismatic double IPA, Lupilin is the bittering component in hops, brewed with Maris Otter malt and a lusty amount of Citra, Chinook, El Dorado, and Nelson Sauvin hops. This 7.9% beauty dances across your taste buds, capturing your attention and leaving you yearning for more.
 Raspberry Berliner Weiss 3.8 Our crisp and tangy low alcohol wheat ale has been taken to another level when fermented with fresh raspberry pure. This beautiful pink toned ale has a sweet aroma of light clove and hits the palate with smooth dry flavor and tartness from start to finish.